Sunday, 30 January 2011

First Proper Visit To Allotment.

Set off this morning for first proper visit to the allotment. The weather has been sunny with clear skies. We managed to clear a few beds, dig up parsnips and carrots, build new frame for cabbages (two more to go) these will be covered in new netting as last year the caterpillars had a field day!
We repaired the compost bin. The inch thick ice that had settled there was turfed off. Had a general tidy up and marked beds which will have the sides added to complete the raised beds.

Had a general exploration: New buds have formed on the trees which were planted in 2009, blackcurrants have big strong buds forming, the rhubbarb has started to make an appearance and the comfrey has green shoots.

The leeks that I planted last year have started to grow!!! Garlic and shallots have green shoots.

Had some onions that were supposed to be planted last Autumn that I didn't get round to putting in so popped them in and covered with fleece (Red Baron and Troy) they have two chances!
All in all an enjoyable day.

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