Tuesday, 22 March 2011

New Additions.

Chickens Have arrived.
We have been rather busy over the last few weeks, due to three new arrivals. We have rescued three red (ex-battery) hens. I have been reading a fellow grapes blog and she has given me the inspiration to give it a go.

We have named them Gertie, Florrie and Bea.

We purchased the above coop which is big enough for 4 hens but we only wanted three so they have more room to move about. We have had them about 2 weeks and they laid 10 eggs in the first week. We have built a bigger run for them which is why we have been so busy as this mean't re-arranging the garden.
I don't know which breed they are but will post some pictures. When we first went to collect them from the rescue centre, the chap told us that they had been out since November, he had certainly nursed them back to health and they are in good condition.

I have been out in the garden for the last 2 days having a major tidy up, we had a clematis that had given up, so it was time to take it out. It took two of us and hour and it filled one of trade bags which sand is delivered in! Underneath was a climbing hydranger which has now taken its place so the fence panel isn't completely bare.
We have painted fence panels, six so far and a few more to go, all the sleepers and the deck have a coat so has the front of the shed but we have now run out of wood preservative.

Today was spent cleaning out the chooks, cutting and strimming the lawn, helping finishing the large gate to the side of the coop, weeding, trimming, and finally sowing some flowers and tending the greenhouse.

Today I have sown directly:

Sweet William - Excelsior mixed


Canterbury Bells - Mixed

Night Scented Stocks - Starlight Scentsation

Dianthus - Baby Doll

Cornflower - Blue Ball

Delphinium - Pacific Giants Mixed

Swan River Daisy - Summer Skies

Californian Poppy - Carmine King

Poppy - Shirley Single Mixed

Poppy Paeony Flemish Antique


Coreopsis - Sea Shelled Red

Cosmos - Double Click Rose Bonbon

Matricaria - White Gem

Verbena Bonariensis

Gazania - Sunshine Mixed

Aconitum - Carmichaelii

These are all set for a chicken free zone. Off now to sort next batch of seeds for sowing.