Sunday, 16 January 2011

Gardening Year Starts Here For Me.

Over the last season I just haven't had the time to blog. I have been beavering away at the allotment and had a rather good first proper season.

I have been juggling my time between home and family, working five days a week and the allotment. The garden has also been returned to flowers, herbs and some veg but the majority has been grown at the allotment.

At the same time as getting the allotment up together, we have also been decorating at home.

So this year, I am planning to spend alot more time at the allotment. At the end of the growing season I managed to get all the winter digging done, I didn't manage to get as many crops sown over the autumn for winter crops as I would have liked and got a bit behind so there is a lesson learned for this season.

I visited the allotment in January when it was covered in frost and decided to draw up the plan for this year. The plan is completed but may be subject to change. I have included crop rotation and I am planning to increase sucessional sowing as this also was an area where I can increase yeild.

At present I have the following at the allotment in the ground: Chard, Brussel sprouts (although these didn't perform particulary well - most have blown), cabbage, carrots, garlic and shallots.

In the greenhouse I have over wintered Broad Beans, strawberry runners (approx 50) and onion sets ready for planting soon. Indoors the seed potatoes are chitting.

I have been itching to get on with some sowing so today I will be going through the seed box and picking some varieties.

I want to start my leeks early this year as they were a disaster last year and were plagued by leek miner.

After the amount of fruit and veg we enjoyed last year, I am enthusiatic and itching to get started with the growing seaon for 2011.

Happy Gardening xx

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