Tuesday, 18 January 2011

First Sowings of 2011.

Today I have finally made a start on sowing.
All the seeds have been sown in a cold greenhouse.

Leeks: Blue Solaise, Snowstar, Lyons - Prize 2 and Musselburgh.
Hope I have a better year this year with leeks. I am planning on buiding a cover for the leeks similar to the sort used for stopping carrot root fly. I have purchased the netting ready for this task.

Cauliflower: All the year round.
x6 sown into modules.
Planning another sowing in mid February.

Broad Beans:
Witkiem Manita x6
Planning a further sowing in mid Feb of Crimson variety.

Spring Onions:
Ishikura - x3 modules.
Spring North Holland Blood Red - x3 modules.

Planning to make a start on chilli's, onions and peas later in the week.

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