Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy.

April is a busy month for sowing and so the veggie-patch is starting to come to life. Over the Easter holidays I have spent some time weeding, tidying up and sowing, around completing some diy.
Here is a picture of the daffodils and pansies that have been in flower in my garden

The garlic that I started back in February has put on a lot of growth and all look healthy. The green shoots are about a foot high and have been under planted with lettuce as a catch crop.


These are the carrots that I grew in a trough, they aren't ready yet but this is the first time I have had success with carrots. Buoyed on by this, I have sown a row in a tall raised bed and they have germinated. So hopefully we will have some home grown carrots this year. I am going to sow another row in a few weeks time.

Heritage Peas
These have been a joy to grow so far and are doing better than the meteor peas that were an early sowing. All the peas have been planted out and are scattered around the garden. They are looking great and I'm looking forward to seeing how the different varieties perform. At the moment they are looking very promising.

Chili Plants
I've had a count up of the chili plants in the greenhouse and ended up with 36 plants in total!
I have grown the following:
Purple Jals
Chili Pyramid
Scotch Bonnet
Chinease Five Colour
Garda Hocus Pocus
Brazilian Bonnet
Numex Twilight
Lemon Drop
Prairie Fire
Patio Sizzle
Black Pearl
Friars Hat
Red Missle
A few failed to germinate and some of these will be going to new homes. I have also sown pimento pepper which has shown up over the last week. The sweet peppers all germinated and I have Pepper mini bell, big banana, asda pointy peppers, summer salad and patio red.
A few weeks ago I have sown lettuce - All the year round, chartwell, radichio, mixed leaves and little gem. The mixed leaves have been transplanted into containers and the rest pricked out into modules. I had far too many so have given some to a friend, the rest have been planted amongst the garlic and into the raised beds, if they don't grow I have some more to plant out later. I will wait a month before I do another sowing and this time be a bit more careful with the seeds. Radish has germinated and has been planted into the raised beds. These seeds were from Poland and given to me and so far they have sprung up within a week and been planted straight out.
Early Tomatoes.
So far so good, all the plants are in the greenhouse and I have only used a bit of heat for about a week. They are growing well and are green and healthy, they have about five sets of leaves each and I may have some flowers soon but I want to get them into their final pots before this happens. Again I had too many plants so some have gone to new homes. I tend to sow a few of each variety and instead of oinking out the weakest seedling, I grow them on and give them away. All the seedling/plants are healthy but just can't bear to throw them away.
I have the following varieties in the greenhouse:
Yellow Butterfly
Super Cherry Sweet
Essex Wonder
Money Maker
Brown Berry
Green Zebra
Balconi Yellow
Balconi Red
Black Russian
Super Snow White
Brandy Wine
Kellogs Breakfast
Paul Robeson
Morgage Lifter
Garden Pearl
Gardeners Delight
Some of these will be grown outside, in hanging baskets, and some in the greenhouse
Over the last couple of weeks, I have sown:
Peas - Hurst Green Shaft, and Kelvedon Wonder, Sugar Snap Delikett.
Flowers - Dahlia - Black Beauty, Corn Flower - Dwarf variety, Calendula - Candy Man, French Marigolds - Bolero and Orange Flame. All have germinated and are ready for pricking out.