Thursday, 10 February 2011

Sweet Peas and Tomatoes.

On Tuesday I decided to sow my Sweet Peas, this year I am sowing the Giant Waved variety they did exceptionally well last year at the allotment and at home.

I always sow extra for my mum and sister so ended up sowing three packets. These will be for the garden. I am planning to purchase a new variety to go to the allotment this year. I just love the scent of sweet peas and pick them regularly for the house.

I have sown them in root trainers and 2 deep pots as they tend to have a good root run.

I have made a start with Tomatoes, last year I took part in an early sowing experiment and had lots of tomatoes that ripened in the sun a lot earlier. We made several batches of passata for spag bol with home grown herbs and garlic. Even the tomatoes at the allotment did well although I only planted Ferline which is blight resistant. So this year I will plant those again plus try a few others and see how they go.
Sown: Sungold (This tomatoe is one of my all time favourites as it tastes divine), Ferline, Pomodora, Black Cherry, Yellow Submarine, Money Maker, Golden Queen, and San Marzano 2.

I potted on 3 Newmex Twilight, x3 Big Banana, x6 Romano Sweet Peppers, x4 Cayenne Peppers.
Celeriac: Balder has been pricked out into modules.
Germination: Piccante peppers are up. Still 2 types of chilli's haven't shown their face as yet!! Leeks: Blue Solaise and Lyons Prizetaker are growing well although Musselburgh and Autumn Mammoth are taking their time.

Sown another lot of Broad Beans, Crimson Flowered this time. Never tried these before so looking forward to something new.

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