Saturday, 3 January 2009

Start of something new.

This is the start of my new blog which should be read with caution as I am relatively new to growing vegetables as I am to blogging! I don't have an allotment but I grow what I can in a limited space in the back garden using raised beds, containers and the greenhouse. I am still hopeful that the kids will out grow the trampoline in the next year so I can put in a few more raised beds!

I have been interested in gardening for some years and I have had a greenhouse from the time I left home. I used to watch my mum grow her flowers in her greenhouse so I think I caught the bug from her.

I have been quite good at growing flowers but veg are something else. Its great to produce your own vegetables from the plot (or in my case raised bed) to the plate. They taste better than any variety that you get from the supermarket.

The reason that I started growing veg was due to my daughter, she attended a gardening club at school. The only problem was that the children had to walk to the allotments that are quite away from the school (for an eight year old). So I gave her a patch in the garden to grow a few things.

From this little patch in the back garden we had a bumper crop for the size of the space we used so she now helps occasionally and I have taken over looking for as much space as I can in the back garden.

Since the start of the project I have installed three raised beds, and we will have another built and ready for the start of the growing season.

The above picture is how we started to grow veg in a raised bed.


  1. Well done Herbie (and children) - It's amazing how the veg space advances as the lawn retreats. Ask me how I know!


  2. Good for you Herbie! I am really pleased for you. I grew some potatoes in buckets last year and they were successfull. I wasn't going to do any veggies this year but you know what... your blog is making me think maybe I could ? Maybe I could grow some carrots this year?

  3. Well done Herbie,and the children
    Keep up the good work you will reape the rewards
    Brussel Spark