Sunday, 11 January 2009


Today I have planted some Rhubarb in a pot. The variety I have chosen is called "Red Champagne". It's hardy and frost-resistant. Both plants had started to grow in the bag that they came in, so I have two stalks already!

Harvest time for this particular variety is May to August. Must remember to twist the stalks from the base when its ready and that the leaves to Rhubarb are toxic and should not be eaten.
I need to check on whether the leaves can go on the compost heap.

My Rhubarb will not be ready until it has had a full season to establish its self and even then I will only take a few stalks to enable the plant to build up.
I planted the rhubarb on a leaf day so here's hoping!

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  1. Hi Herbie,
    Good luck with your rhubarb. I understand the variety is one of the best. From what I understand you can put your leaves in the compost, though some people would still rather not. Your choice I guess!