Wednesday, 21 January 2009

I have made a start!

Over the last week I have made a start with my first sowings of the growing season. Its a bit early but I am experimenting and participating in an early tomato sowing.
So still following the moon planting, I have sown the following varieties on the 13.01.09 after 9am:
F1 Sweet Million
Balconi Red
Balconi Yellow
Garden Pearl

Chili Pyramid Pepper
Mini Bell Pepper

I have only sown a few seed of each, in case the trial is unsuccessful so plenty of seed left to try later on. I have put them into a propagator and they have all germinated, so now they are on a warm south facing window sill and I will turn each day to stop them getting leggy.

On Friday 16th of January.

I have sown my Banana Shallots. Just a pinch of seed in a pot of multi purpose compost placed in a bag and placed on the kitchen window sill.

I have also done an early sowing of Carrots in a trough. The variety is Paris Market 4. Once they have germinated they will go under some garden fleece and will be placed in the greenhouse.

Potted up some Ginger which is being kept in doors until things start to warm up.

Today I also brought some fruit tree's. I want to grow them as cordons up the fence. So after getting carried away I have ended up with Golden Delicious, and Cox's Orange Pippin. Both are in the same pollination group and I have been checking the gardening manuals on how to train them.

I also got a plum tree (v.Opal), this one is going into a huge pot and will be trained as a pyramid and a red currant bush (v.Jonkheer van tets). All have been stored in the greenhouse as the weather has been particularly windy this week.

On Sunday 18th of January.

Today I have sown some flower seeds. I have done a pot of Lavender (v.Munstead Strain).

I have also sown Chinese Lanterns. Could not believe that they can take six months to germinate.

I want to have some Autumn colour in the garden and Chinese Lanterns can be used in flower arranging, so may save some and give it a go.

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