Saturday, 10 January 2009

It's Freezing.

This was the sight that we woke up to on Monday morning. The weather has been freezing this week, with temperatures not getting above freezing during the day and down to -5 at night.
The snow has started to thaw and today's temperature was more reasonable at 4 degrees.

Not much happening out in the garden this week but have been out feeding the birds.

Yesterday I planted some garlic (v.Fokyhama). This is the second batch that I have planted as I have some already in, that I planted out back in November as an experiment.

The November sown Garlic was using a bulb that I brought in the supermarket. So I will compare it to the "Fokyhama" which has been started in polystyrene trays and will be placed in the greenhouse until things warm up a bit and they have started to grow.

I have been following a thread on the grapevine which is about planting by the cycle of the moon, I have ordered a book called "Gardening & Planting by the Moon" by Nick Kollerstrom. This method reportedly increases the crop yield and reliability. This remains to be seen, but I thought I'd give it a go. I planted the Garlic on a root day as the method suggests. The book arrived today so I best get reading!

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