Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Today i have made a start sowing some herbs. I have a patch under some trees at the allotment that I want to fill with herbs. The trees are only dwarf trees so I am hoping the herbs wont necessarily be cast in shade.

I have herbs dotted around the allotment to encourage wildlife but this patch will home for the majority.

I love the scent that some herbs give off and they are very pretty in the height of summer.

Sown today:
Basil - Red leaved, Lemon, Sweet Genovese - These are destined for the greenhouse to be planted around my tomatoes.

Borage - Vivid sky blue flowers which are attractive to bees.
Oregano - Greek
Dill - Aromatic, ferny foliage.
Cutting Celery - Can be grown in full sun or part shade.
Parsley - Lidl Seed - This can sometimes be difficult to germinate but so far I haven't had any problems.
Thyme - Orange Scented - I have grown this one before typical thyme scent will a hint of orange.
Meadow Sweet - Hardy Perennial, leaves and flowers have a fragrant scent, prefers moist semi-shaded position.
Thyme - Old English Winter - aromatic herb with pink flowers attractive to bees.
Bergamont - Mixed
Hyssop - Tri-colour mixed
Thyme - Purple creeping.
Lemon Balm
Cotton Lavender.

I have also sown another two packets of sweetpeas - these are for the allotment - variety old fashioned mixed.

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