Saturday, 30 May 2009

Sunny Days and Bank Holidays.

The last few weeks have been busy with weeding, watering and feeding.
The weather has been glorious especially over the Bank Holiday Weekend.

I have managed to plant up hanging basket and trough's for the front of the house.

The basket has: Trailing Geranium - Purple Flamed, Surfinia - Burgandy, Calibrachoa Caberet - Cherry Rose, Petunia Tumbelina - Clara, Dichondra - Silver Falls, Lamium - Beacon Silver.

The trough's have: Helichrysum, Ivy Leaf Geranium - Toscana Maxima, Petunia Tiny Tunia - Violet Ice, Verbena Twinkle - Crimson. Plants have settled down and are starting to flower.
I have planted Armeria - Joystick, Papaver - Royal Wedding, Gaillardia - Sundance, Scabiosa - Misty Butterflies, Verbascum - Sixteen Candles, Polemonium - Stairway to Heaven, Thungeria - Lemon & Orange Beauty, Lupins - Pixie Delight, Dahlia - Bishop of Llandaff, Cornflower, Night Scented Stocks, French Marigolds & Thrift.
This is a picture of the new raised beds that we put in this year.

They are situated at the bottom of the garden and have been planted out with pea's, radish, lettuce, beetroot, shallots, onions, climbing french beans and garlic.
In between all the vegetables I have grown, corn flowers, nasturtions, viola, calendula. I am really pleased with how they have turned out.

So far I have harvested mixed salad leaves, radish and mint. I have picked my first pea!(meteor)

Today I have harvested some mange tout. These are my husband's favourites. I have been growing them a big pot and will sow somemore so we can still enjoy them later in the season.

The Heritage pea's are happily growing away and have lots of flowers.

The picture on the right is of Ezeta's Krombek Blauwschokker variety which is purple podded. Over the next few months I am hoping to write up some reviews of the pea's that I have grown this year, I have completed the first one which was Clarke's Beltony Blue.
Tomatoes And Tomatillo's.
On the left is my first tomatoe of the year. The variety is Stupice, which was given to me by a friend. All the other varieties are starting to flower. The Heritage tomatoes seem to have bigger flowers than the modern varieties. I have moved the tomatillo's outside of the greenhouse, they are starting to get quite big and have lots of yellow flowers.

This is a picture of Melon - Canteloupe, I have grown two from seed and I am training them up string which is attached to wires across the greenhouse. I have also grown a variety called Emir which apparently can be grown outside and produces fruit in our climate. This remains to be seen!
I may leave one in the greenhouse and move one outside and compare how they grow.
I have also planted up a pea salad bar - Kelevdon Wonder, Hurst Greenshaft & Sugar Snap. Sown Swede - Magres, Silene - Shell Pink. Need to check seed box to see what needs to be done next. I have also made the first batch of compost tea from the wormery, it has been diluted with water and feed to the veggies.
Happy Gardening

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