Saturday, 30 May 2009

Heritage Peas - Clarkes Beltony Blue.

Clarke's Beltony Blue.

Type of seed: Wrinkled

Type of pod: Purple Podded

History: Heirloom variety was donated to the the Heritage Seed Library by Mrs Anderson, this variety has been grown on her family farm in Co.Tyrone since at least 1850.

Description: A tall vigorous pea that produces beautiful pale pink and maroon flowers on long slender arching stems, followed by purple pods that develop a green mottling when mature.
The leaves are 2.5 inches wide by about 4.5 inches long. The leaves are green with white mottled markings and have the tell tale sign of a splash of maroon where the stem meets the leaf indicating that its a purple podded variety.

The pink half of the flower has thin purple veins running through it, whilst the maroon petals are a full bodied colour.

When the flowers are starting to produce the pod, the flowers fade to a beautiful baby blue colour. Shortly after the purple pods start to form.

My pea's were sown on 21st February, and have been flowering for the last week, they are just starting to form purple pods.

This variety has been a joy to grow, it needs support as it can grow upto six feet tall.

Once the pods have filled out I will update this post to record how they taste. I am also hoping to collect seed from this variety to share with others.
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  1. I didn't know the splash of purple indicates a purple podded variety, very useful to know! I am growing three varieties of purple podded including Clarkes Beltony Blue and had not noticed this.