Monday, 28 December 2009

Summer Flowers.

Summer Flowers.

Some of the flowers from
the back garden which did well during 2009.

Did well and smelt divine.

Poppies: These were very pretty. I saved seed from these for next year.

Globe Thistle:
I saved the seed head from these at the end of the summer.
After removing the seeds from the prickly seed case, I decided to see if they would germinate. I now have a full seed try of seedlings which will go to the lottie when they are ready. I like the intense shade of blue and the fact that the bees seem to like them.

Talking of bee's, this one is enjoying the nectare from the head of a Sedum.

I planted several varieties of nasturtiums,
so I had lots of different colours.
We picked some of the blooms for Jess, for her art homework which was a collage made from petals of different flowers.
Nasturtiums did well and certainly brightened up the plot.

These were the night scented stocks and marigolds that a friend sent me up from Bristol for the allotment. Thanks Judy xx
I have saved the seed for next year.

Now that I have dug up black currant, red currant bushes and raspberry canes I can now sow more flowers for next year, as I have more space. The marigolds did much better on the allotment than they did in the garden, so I will plant them at the lottie again.

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